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Learn o Logic (LOL) means learn with logic. Any learner can learn without logic for the time being but what happens after some time is that he will forget what he learnt. logical learning helps him to keep the memory for too long. That logic is, what we aim to provide.

Learn o Logic (LOL) aims at providing the learners with the logic they will never forget, by paying individual attention through answering back with the needed solution. It’s like a home tutor available 24/7. This will help them get motivated and eager to learn with interest. Where there is interest, there is fun.


It provides every learner with assistance and help 24/7. Other than the solutions to questions given on the website, everyone is welcome here to ask any questions relating math. we will be happy to assist you.

Currently, LOL contains questions in o’level and a’level(coming soon) math books (e.g. D1, D2, D3, D4) along with their answers in image form. Each post contains an exercise with all the questions at start and their answers at the end of all questions.

Learn o Logic (shortly called as “LOL”) was created in November, 2015. It is aimed at providing math achievement to all. It is for every one, who finds difficulty in learning the logic behind math, which can possibly include; any specific area of math, any grade or level, etc. It provides solutions to your problems relating math. Most solutions to o’level and a’level math are provided, rest will be uploaded soon. Questions from other courses of math from any board are welcome to be asked here.