Exercise No. 7E

Note: Answers to all questions are given at the end of this exercise.

Question No. 1:
Using the letter suggested, construct a simple formula in each case:
(a) the sum (S) of three numbers a, b and c.
(b) the product (P) of two numbers x and y.
(c) the difference (D) between the ages of two boys; one being a years old and the other e years old.
(d) the area (A) of a semicircle whose radius is r.
(e) the cost ($C) of m eggs at 12 cents each.
(f) the average age (A) of 4 boys whose ages are m, n, p and q years.
(g) the vertical angle (x°) of an isosceles triangle whose base angle is y°.
(h) the time (T) in minutes for a train journey of a hours b minutes.
(i) the total cost ($T) of d chairs at $p each and c tables at $q each.
(j) a car travels x km/h for p km and makes another journey at y km/h for q km.
Find (i) the total distance (r km) the car travels; (ii) the formula for the average speed.


(from left to right)


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