Exercise No. 3E

NOTE: Answers to all questions are given at the end of this exercise.

Question No. 1:

James  uses 1/3 of his land for growing durians, ¼ for bananas, 3/8 for guavas and the remaining 9 hectares for mangoes. What is the total area of his land?


Question No. 2:

 A sum of money is shared among 3 brothers. The eldest receives 7/13 of it and the next receives 2/3 of the remainder. If the youngest brother receives $6, find the sum of money shared.


Question No. 3:

There are pupils in a class. ¾ of the boys and 2/3 of the girls travel to school by bus. The total number of boys and girls who travel to school by bus is 30.

  1. How many boys are there in the class?
  2. How many girls travel to school by bus?


Question No. 4:

The mathematics club in a school has 53 members. 5/7 of the girl members 3/5 of the boy members are from lower secondary. The total number of the lower secondary members is 35. How many members of the club are boys?


Question No. 5:

Mary has two tanks of fish. If she transfers 15 fish from the larger tank to the smaller tank, then the number of fish in the smaller tank will be 3/7 of the number of fish in the larger tank. Given that there are 35 fish in the smaller tank originally, find the number of fish in the larger tank before the transfer of fish.


Question No. 6:

As part of the “Learning Journeys” program, 73 pupils traveled on two buses one air-conditioned and one non-air-conditioned, to the Singapore Discovery Centre. Three-fifths of the pupils on the air-conditioned bus were girls. There were 17 boys in the non-air-conditioned bus. The number of girls on the two buses were equal. How many pupils were there on the air-conditioned bus?


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