Exercise No. 3A

NOTE: Answers to all questions are given at the end of this exercise.

Question No. 1:

Which of the two fractions is larger?

(a) 1/17, 6/17, 4/17

(b) 3/4, 7/8, 3/16


Question No. 2:

Peter, the centre on the basketball team, is 1 7/10m tall. His rival for the position is 1 5/8m tall. Who will more likely be selected for the position if they are equal in all aspects except in height?


Question No. 3:

Mary, Susan and Joan went fishing. Mary caught a sea bass that weighed 2 2/3 kg: Susan caught one that weighed 2 2/3kg and Joan caught one that weighed 2 3/4kg. who caught the heaviest sea bass?


Question No. 4:

Arrange the following fractions in ascending order:

(a) 11/12, 5/8, 3/4

(b) 7/11, 15/22, 14/33


Question No. 5:

Arrange the following fractions in descending order:

(a) ¾, 4/5, 7/10, 11/12

(b) 7/9, 5/6, 13/18, 2/3


(from left to right)

3a-i 3a-ii

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