Exercise No. 2B

NOTE: Answers to all questions are given at the end of this exercise.

Question No. 1:

Calculate the following:

(a) -5+13

(b) -11+19

(c) 14+(-7)

(d) 23+(-12)

(e) -37+22

(f) -45+19

(g) 25+(-66)

(h) 74+(-89)

(i) 101+(-200)


Question No. 2:

Evaluate the following:

(a) -7+(-11)+9

(b) -10+17+(-21)

(c) 34+(-18)+9

(d) 81+(-6)+(-62)

(e) 51+14+(-100)

(f) -27+71+12

(g) [-7+(-4)]+[-45+92]

(h) [31+(-48)]+[-16+(-120)]


Question No. 3:

The temperature of a piece of meat was -8°C when it was taken out of a freezer. After several minutes of warming, its temperature rose by 17°C. what is the new temperature of the piece of meat?


Question No. 4:

A company’s profits and losses for the first quarter of a certain year are as shown below.

January : $6000 (profit)

February : $2000 (loss)

March : $5500 (loss)

(a) translate the company’s performance for the first quarter into a mathematical statement.

(b) how much profit or loss did the company make in the first quarter?


(from left to right)

2b-i 2b-ii

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