About the author:
Hello, learners of logic. Firstly, thanks for visiting our website that is aimed at providing math achievement to all. My name is Mrs. Shahzad. I have been teaching learners like you in the past for about 5 years. In the year 2015, after my wedding, on the request of distant learners, me and my husband decided to take this teaching process beyond my residing city and also country to spread it across the world for all little ones, grown ups and adults.

About the website:
Learn o Logic (shortly called as LOL) was created in November, 2015. It is for every one, who finds difficulty in learning the logic behind math, which can possibly include; any specific area of math, any grade or level, etc. Currently, we are devotedly working on the website content relating to o’level math to help you solve your mathematical problems, e.g. D1, D2, D3 and D4. Next would be a’level.

Our goal:
our goal is to provide the solutions to all problems in math that could be asked from any primary school student, high school student, college student, etc, from any country or city.

We encourage and appreciate your questions, comments and suggestions. As the website is in development process, so we need your support relating to anything you find unhelpful on the website. we will try our best to provide you with the help and assistance you want. For any matter related to Learn o Logic, please email LearnoLogic@hotmail.com. you may write us your problem or send a readable snap containing your question and we will try to answer you back as soon as we could. Due to limited resources currently, we can only offer support via email.